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The Science Behind Propolis DS

The Science behind Propolis DS

Active ingredient – Bee Propolis Extract

What is Bee Propolis Extract? In some instances, it is referred to “bee glue.” It is a resinous, gummy substance that bees combine with wax to construct and maintain their hives. In laboratory tests, bee propolis has exhibited a variety of interesting anti-microbial and other potential health benefits.

Bee Propolis is a mixture of resin and essential oils. It contains amino acid, minerals, ethanol, vitamin A, B complex, vitamin E, pollen and highly active ingredients known as flavonoids or bioflavonoids.

Bee Propolis has been used since ancient times in folk medicine. It is widely studied in laboratories to understand the many benefits of this natural ingredient. Bee propolis is believed to enhance and naturally boost the immune system and the flavonoids in bee propolis act as antioxidants.

Propolis has been traditionally used for its natural disinfecting properties. Valued for centuries, these products are used for energy enhancement and support of general health.

For its use in Propolis DS Throat Spray, it has been shown to be very soothing for dry, irritated throats when swallowed. With the combination of mallow and menthol, it is also provides a fresh, soothing feeling within the nasal passages and respiratory system. It is safe and natural and also helps to freshen breath.