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The Science Behind Bromelin DS

The active ingredient in Bromelin DS is Ananas Comosus, which is a natural extract from pineapples. It contains enzymes such as bromelain along with other enzymes that are beneficial to our immune system.

Bromelain is a mixture of enzymes that are known to digest proteins. In other words, the enzymes are considered proteolytic. Bromelian is found in pineapples (Ananas Comosus). Pineapple has been used for centuries in Central and South America to provide relief from indigestion and promote the body’s natural inflammatory response. Bromelain, which is derived from the stem and juice of the pineapple, was first isolated from the pineapple plant in the late 1800s. The German Commission approved bromelain to treat swelling and inflammation after surgery, particularly sinus surgery.

Bromelain can be used to treat a number of conditions. Bromelin DS is a product that is ideal for natural respiratory support*, thinning of mucus in the chest* and supports the body’s natural sinus inflammatory response*. It is safe and has no known side effects.

The pineapple pulp extract of the fruit (Ananus comosus) contains the bromelian and other enzymes. When taken it operates in the trachea and bronchi to promote natural thinning of the mucus. Due to a very light and pleasant tasting syrup, it helps to ensure that people will adhere to taking the required doses as recommended.

Mucus is composed of proteins and water. The body, as needed, may increase or decrease the viscosity of mucus. To make this process the body uses an enzyme called pancreatic Dornase Peptidase whose purpose is to break the mucus proteins and thus regulating the viscosity by increasing or decreasing the amount of water.

The body naturally increases or decreases the production of mucus, depending on stress caused from infections or conditions that challenge the body’s natural immune system. There are conditions that interrupt the body’s ability to maintain the natural flow of mucus. When this occurs, the mucus loses the natural defense characteristics and acts as a favorable environment for the proliferation of bacteria that will harm the body.

The active ingredient in Bromelin DS helps to promote the body’s natural respiratory response and naturally promotes thinning of the mucus by incorporating water molecules into the mucus and making it more viscous.

Bromelin DS provides for safe, natural relief that is ideal for both children and adults.