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Bromelin DS

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Healthy respiratory support – Naturally!

Healthy respiration depends on proper airflow through the nasal passages and chest to the lungs. When mucus congestion obstructs the airflow the body reacts with difficulty breathing, sleeping, and concentrating.

Bromelin DS uses a natural ingredient extracted from pineapple that is a time-tested, traditional remedy known to naturally thin and loosen mucus and support the body’s response to congestion.

Bromelin DS is clinically proven to decongest the chest and sinus by promoting the body’s natural response to mucus build-up in the chest and sinus area. Unlike chemical expectorants, Bromelin DS safely and naturally provides respiratory relief and supports the body’s own sinus inflammatory response.

Bromelin DS is a great-tasting liquid containing a unique formulation of Ananas comosus that is extracted from pineapples. It has no chemical active ingredients, no known side effects and is safe for adults and children 3 months or older.