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FAQ - Florax DS

Q: What is a probiotic?

A: The World Health Organization defines a probiotic as live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit to the host. These microorganisms include both bacteria and yeast- based cells.

Q: What makes Florax DS unique?

A: Florax DS is unique in that it offers the only probiotic delivered in an exclusive ready-to-drink liquid suspension that does not require refrigeration. Florax DS products also contain a single-strain, friendly, nutritional, yeast-based probiotic known as Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Cepa Fr 1972. Most probiotics you’ll find on the market today are bacterial probiotics, either in pill form or in foods such as yogurt.

Q: What are Florax DS products suggested for?

A: Florax DS products are ideal when looking to promote overall digestive and immune health through a monthly probiotic. Florax DS products are also for the person who has an immediate need due to occasional diarrhea.

Q: How should I take Florax DS?

A: There are several ways to take Florax DS, depending on your needs. Taken as a probiotic to promote overall digestive and immune health, we offer a monthly supply of 5 vials, taken every 4-6 days. Simply, shake, open and drink. No pills & no water! Taken for relief of occasional diarrhea, suggested use is once every 12 hours until symptoms subside.

Q: Is Florax DS appropriate for kids?

A: Yes. Florax DS is appropriate for children ages 1 year and up, and most kids will prefer the natural raspberry flavored products.

Q: How is Florax DS supplied?

A: Florax DS products are delivered in an exclusive ready-to-drink 5ml vial. It is gluten-free. Florax DS can be found on the shelf near other digestive health products or near other diarrhea relief products. Florax DS Ready-to- Drink Probiotic contains 5-5ml vials. Florax DS Diarrhea Relief is available in either a 3-pack, or travel pack containing 2-5ml vials.

Q: Do I need to refrigerate Florax DS?

A: No. The exclusive liquid suspension allows storage at room temperature (25°C or 77°F) to guarantee an optimal level of living cells for a three-year shelf-life. Florax DS products are produced in a top-quality manufacturing facility meeting all necessary regulatory requirements.

Q: How long does it take for Florax DS to work?

Our products deliver live cells. There are no capsules that need to dissolve and probiotic yeasts are known to survive the acid of the stomach and the bile of the liver. When taken for occasional diarrhea, relief within 4 hours is proven!


Q: If I am taking an antibiotic, can I take Florax DS too?

A: Yes, due to the fact Florax DS is a probiotic or nutritional yeast. Florax DS is not destroyed by antibiotics which can kill bacteria, including bacterial probiotics and those in probiotic yogurts.

Q: What side effects can I expect while taking Florax DS?

A: Less than 1% of individuals have reported constipation or thirst.

Q: Can Florax DS cause a vaginal yeast infection?

A: No. Florax DS does not cause or promote vaginal yeast infections. Florax DS is taken by drinking the contents of the vial, and delivering the probiotic yeast through the gastrointestinal tract. The product does not pass through the urinary or genital system.

Q: What if I am diagnosed as being immunocompromised?

A: Being immunocompromised is defined as, A state in which a person’s immune system is weakened or absent. Hebron USA, Corporation advises anyone with this condition to check with health care practitioners before using Florax DS.

Q: What if I am nursing or pregnant?

A: Hebron USA, Corporation advises women who are pregnant or nursing to check with their health care practitioners before using Florax DS.