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Florax DS

Florax DS Ready-To-Drink   Florax DS Diarrhea Relief   The Science   FAQ

Support your body’s intestinal health – Naturally!

Healthy digestion relies on the balance of your body’s natural digestive microflora. If that balance is upset your digestive system will react with occasional bloating, cramping, gas or diarrhea.

Florax DS is a safe and natural probiotic that delivers live cultures in a unique liquid suspension. It is ready to drink and ready to start working right away. One dose provides chemical-free relief of occasional diarrhea, bloating, cramping and gas in as little as 4 hours. Additionally, it will boost healthy digestive and immune function.

Florax DS can be used on a regular basis to promote overall digestive and intestinal health and naturally support the immune system. Adults and children 1 year or older may take one dose orally every 4 – 6 days, or more often, if needed.

Florax DS is a liquid suspension of live probiotic cultures and is ideal for use during antibiotic treatments. Hebron USA’s exclusive formulation and innovative technology keeps the probiotic active for superior performance and quick relief.