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Welcome To Hebron USA

Maintain your body’s balance – Naturally!

For more than 20 years, Hebron Pharmaceutical has provided innovative, natural, and effective products promoting healthy digestive and respiratory balance to thousands of people around the world. Our products are based on time-tested, traditional remedies from natural ingredients that are clinically tested and proven to be safe and effective. Our active ingredients are chemical-free and vegetarian. Hebron’s products are trusted by doctors and pharmacists to safely and effectively provide relief from a variety of conditions and promote overall digestive and respiratory wellness.

The Balancing Act:

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Digestive wellness products

Florax DS is a safe and natural probiotic containing live cultures to restore healthy digestive microflora in your digestive tract. The ready-to-drink formula delivers active cultures that survive gastric transit and begin working immediately when they reach the small intestine. Relief form occasional diarrhea in as little as 4 hours is proven. Periodic use improves digestive regularity and boosts overall immune health.

Kios DS employs a natural extract from the bark of the Brazilian pepper tree to support the body’s natural response to inflammation or irritation of the stomach lining and naturally reduces acidity. This traditional Brazilian remedy provides natural relief of occasional stomach upsets, heartburn and indigestion without the use of chemicals and has no known side effects. Kios DS is not an acid reducer.

Respiratory wellness products

Bromelin DS uses an extract from the pulp of pineapples that contains the bromelin and other enzymes that are known to naturally thin and loosen mucus, providing natural relief and support of your respiratory and immune system.

Propolis DS draws its strength from an extract harvested from beehives that naturally coats and soothes the throat when swallowed. It simultaneously freshens breath and supports healthy nasal and respiratory function.

Hebron USA uses only the finest natural and plant-based ingredients in our time-tested remedies. Our nature-based products provide temporary relief of your symptoms and provide the foundation for overall digestive and respiratory wellness. When taken regularly as part of an overall wellness regimen our products will support your overall health.



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